Garry Jones
Garry Jones (Principal) 0406 609 677

With over 17 years of experience within the industry, Garry Jones has worked with some of the best real estate franchise brands in Australia, enabling him to combine his knowledge, expert negotiating skills and marketing strategies to offer you personalised first class service. We want the process of buying and selling to be an exciting and seamless experience for you, whether it’s your first home, second, or an investment.
Coming from a background in management positions across multiple industries, Garry Jones has had the opportunity to step into an array of disciplines that have empowered him to become the successful agent that he is today.

These roles, including working as a Cabin Service Director on board for Qatar Airways and previously as a Cabin Manager with Ansett Australia. During this time, he gained a core sense of leadership, both within Australia and internationally.

His executive style, entrepreneurial thinking and his passion for people guided Garry to his career in real estate. Through years of working alongside many of his mentors, Garry has gained training and experience that is unmatched in the Brisbane market. Garry’s ability to produce marketing strategies and fundamental negotiation skills all while maintaining life-long relationships with his clients has permitted him to thrive in his career.

As the proud founder of Garry Jones Homes and through his own brand, he is eager to take his skills, knowledge and love for people to the next level.

Happily, engaged to his long-term partner Mark, together they parent their four-legged fur children, Charlie and Ana. As well as sharing his life with Mark and their two Dobermans, Garry is one of six siblings and understands the value of family.

Garry places his family values above all and through Garry Jones Homes, Garry hopes to aid families in creating everlasting memories

Mark Waldron
Mark Waldron (Sales Associate – Operations Manager) 0439 773 165

Growing up in Northern Queensland and now proudly calling Brisbane home, Mark is a fundamental part of the Garry Jones Homes team with over 10 years of management experience within customer service industries and more recently within aviation. Mark worked closely with Garry at McGrath Wilston working as a sales associate which allowed him to fine tune his market knowledge within the inner northern suburbs of Brisbane together with his sales and negotiation skills.

Professional and dedicated, Mark brings a high degree of customer service to his position. His focus on relationship building is complemented by his natural people skills and problem-solving abilities, delivering the perfect skillset for his dynamic role.

After finishing his bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Queensland he has only built on this education and experience to assist with all operational processes within the GJH team to ensure all campaigns run smoothly and with the highest level of professionalism. He is an integral part of the sales team providing strong operational and sales support to the team. Mark is well equipped for the fast-paced, ever-changing world of real estate.

Working alongside his partner Garry, Mark is determined to provide a first-class experience to every client he meets, creating lifetime relationships with Garry Jones Homes. He is a natural performer in all aspects of customer service, so this comes with ease.

Chissom Tittor
Chissom Tittor (Sales Associate) 0429 489 099

Chissom comes to the Garry Jones Homes team after working in high performing sales and customer service roles for the last 12 years within a leading technology company. This has taught him to be an extremely effective communicator with a strong ability to make lasting relationships with anyone he meets within our network of clients. He brings a solid work ethic and values the importance of forming genuine relationships with every buyer and seller. He brings a warm, calm and easy-going personality with the ability to interact with a broad range of people from all walks of life.

Chissom’s role as a sales associate within the GJH team focusses on supporting our buyers and existing clients find their next home, assisting Garry at our open homes, private inspections and assisting with all buyer requirements. Chissom provides direct support to Garry with all aspects of sales support for every home we are marketing.

He thrives on helping clients find the perfect home they are looking for through quality advice, strong market research and being hyper aware of their needs and requirements. He has a strong passion for building long-lasting relationships, providing first class service, and making every client feel consequential and ensuring they always finish with a positive experience when dealing with our team.

Growing up in Queensland and living in the northern suburbs of Brisbane for the past 7 years has given him a keen understanding of the local area and a love for the diversity of homes around greater inner north Brisbane.

Leesa Moss
Leesa Moss (Sales Administrator) 0492 974 224

Leesa brings to her role as Sales Administrator a strong work ethic, versatility, broad perspective and great ability to build connections with people. Through owning several successful businesses, this has given Leesa a background in providing extremely effective time management with the ability to multitask multiple campaigns throughout the day to ensure every home is serviced with the same quality and accuracy every time. This comes from having been a professional athlete, owning multiple businesses, and being a busy Mum of 2 young boys. Leesa considers herself to be a very honest and reliable individual with lots of patience and a nurturing can-do attitude.

Bringing a natural talent & desire to help people through her diverse professional background & and friendly personality. Leesa sees her role as helping our clients through the entire sales process providing exceptional six-star customer service and a trustworthy approach.

Having lived most of her life in Brisbane’s Northern Suburbs (apart from a 2-year stint living in Hong Kong) Leesa shares a love & appreciation of the area and enjoys the lifestyle it brings. Leesa’s passion for real estate began when I purchased my first home at the age of 21 and I thoroughly love our industry.

Her husband Stephen is her life partner and together they are the proud parents of their two amazing boys, Charlie & Jackson. Having grown up with such a supportive and close family, I truly understand the value of family & it is the most important thing to her within the business.
Leesa proves to be a highly professional and supportive part of the team who offers such a comprehensive & caring service to our clients. Garry Jones Homes is Leesa’s family away from home!

Charlie Jones
Charlie Jones 0406 609 677

Male, 4.5-year-old handsome rust and tan Doberman. Head of Security for GJH. Gentle giant with a big bark for strangers, but jumps and hides from vacuum cleaners, blowers and is allergic to the hose. Adopted from a local Stafford family at 9 months.

Ana Jones
Ana Jones 0406 609 677

6-month-old black and tan Doberman. Back up security guard to Charlie but taking the lead in cuddles on the couch. She’s our cheerleader backing the GJH brand with sass and attitude. In love with my two dads, Garry and Mark. Obsessed with annoying my bestie big brother Charlie.