5 Things You Must Fix Before Selling Your Home
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You decide that you want to sell your home. After years of living there, understandably there’s likely some wear and tear! Since you’re selling, you need to make sure that your home looks the best it could. Here’s a checklist of things you need to do your home before going to market.


#1 Give a Good First Impression

We hear the saying 'first impressions lasts' all the time - but it's particularly relevant with real estate. What prospective buyers could see at first glance may make or break the sale, and sometimes they might not even enter the property! Curb appeal is everything, and if your home looks unattractive from the outside you've lost half the battle.

Pro Tip: Make sure the lawn looks manicured and the garden is neat and tidy (you can also add some flowers for colour). Sweep the streets in front of your house, clear the rubbish, power wash the driveway and repair the fences. You can also upgrade your mailbox for a focal point that can impress prospective buyers.



If your home looks unattractive from the outside you've lost half the battle.

Garry Jones


#2 Freshen It Up

You want your home to look as new as possible. Not to worry—you don’t need to spend a fortune  to do it! One of the quickest, easiest, cheapest and most effective methods is to add a fresh coat of paint. It is astonishing what this can do to a room, or even an entire house. Also, keep in mind that if your walls have peeling, chipped, or marked paint, it's easily noticed by buyers.

It's not just the visuals - they could also mistake peeling paint as a leak or damage, or assume that because there are a few minor issues there could be more they don't know about.  Whilst freshening up your home you should also do any routine repairs, get in the yard (if you have one), and start considering how you will style your home when it's time to go to market. It all depends on your property and how much love it needs.

Pro Tip: If you want to DIY the paint job, start painting from the top and work your way down. Start on the edge of the siding, and then proceed to paint on the broad surfaces. You can avoid lap marks by brushing from one wet surface onto another wet surface. However, if you need to paint over a dried surface that’s previously painted, overlap the surface by several inches.



It is astonishing what this can do to a room, or even an entire house!

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#3 Clean It Out

Having a clean home is essential, especially if potential buyers are coming to see your house - dust and dirt is definitely a turn off. Plus it's so easy to fix it's just a waste not to! Make sure to deep clean every corner of your home, and pay special attention to the windows and light fittings - make sure that they are dust-free.

Aside from deep cleaning, declutter your space to help create an open atmosphere. Also, lessening the presence of your personal belongings can help potential buyers visualize their own items in the space. That's a key point - they need to imagine themselves living there, and that's hard to do with your stuff everywhere!

Pro Tip: Selling your home means moving to a new one. To make the moving process easy, start getting rid of items you don’t use or want anymore, and then pack all the items you seldomly use. That way, you lessen the hassle of packing later on.



Buyers need to imagine themselves living there, and that's hard to do with your stuff everywhere!

Garry Jones


#4 Look for Potential Hazards

Maybe you got used to the faulty faucet in the kitchen or the loose brick on the driveway that you’ve forgotten that it’s there. But first-time visitors--the prospective buyers--would definitely notice it, and those details would stay in their minds rather than the reasons why they should buy your house.

To prevent that, make sure that you have checked the whole house for safety hazards and repairs that need to be done. Once you’ve looked, rectify them immediately. Remember that a home in good condition will definitely leave a lasting good impression on the buyers, rather than a house that still needs repair.

Pro Tip: Check everything you need to repair around the house.  Here's a quick checklist

  • Leaks or missing tiles in the roof

  • Plumbing

  • Plug points

  • Cupboard and door hinges

  • Garden and the yard

  • Driveway

  • Locks and swimming pool cleaning apparatus

  • Outdoor areas


Fix up those small items - Don't give buyers more reasons not to buy your home!

Garry jones


#5 Look Down

Look down and inspect your flooring. Your floors bear the brunt of your everyday activities and the first part of your home that show wear and tear. Even though you don’t always notice it, it’s still important to maintain your flooring’s good condition. 

If you have carpeted floors, check for wear, stains, or damages. If so, you could replace it, pull it up to show the floorboards, or look into other flooring alternatives. If you have hardwood or timber, could it do with a polish? You can even re-sand parts of the home and have them brought back to life if you think they need it (keeping the budget in mind of course).

Pro Tip: If you choose to pull up the carpet and show off floorboards, all you need to do is sand and polish them. If floorboards are not an option, here are some affordable flooring alternatives:

  • Laminate

  • Vinyl

  • Cork

  • Plywood

  • Concrete

Selling your home is a big move, and you want to make sure you get the most out of this situation. The best way to do that is by staying organised, touching up your home and most importantly, making it somewhere that buyers would want to live. If you've got questions or need some property advice, I'm all ears! Reach out any time on 0406 609 677 or contact me here.

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